St Mary's Goes Green

ECO Team St Mary's Church SaffAbove - ECO Team at  St Mary's Church - Rev’d Rachel Prior, Jackie Damary-Holman and Team leader Edward Gildea

St Mary’s Church has decided to embark on a journey to registration as an ECO Church. ECO Church is an award scheme run by the Christian environmental charity A Rocha which recognizes churches that are caring for the environment, by granting bronze, silver or gold awards. More importantly, is about doing our duty as Christians, in a serious, practical and structured way, to care for God’s creation.

Rev’d Rachel Prior, the curate at St Mary’s said, “I am delighted that St Mary's is taking seriously the need to cherish and protect God's creation. Through registering to become an ECO Church, we are joining many other Christians and churches, who are committed to being good stewards of this beautiful planet. The Church has an opportunity to demonstrate real leadership here and could play a tremendous role in taking us forward.'

The award is structured around five headings: our worship and teaching, our buildings, our land, our engagement with local and global communities and the personal lifestyles and decisions of our congregation. The timing could not be more appropriate in the light of the recent declarations of Climate Emergency by the Town Council.

A team has been established at St Mary’s, which will be championing the work to support bio-diversity and to find ways of reducing the carbon footprint of the church. Rachel Prior will be exploring ways in which the worship and prayer life of the church can be used to inspire us to be more conscious of our impact on future generations in our daily lives and decisions. “Put quite simply, it’s about doing as much as we can to ensure that our children have a chance of survival on this beautiful and vulnerable planet,” said Edward Gildea, ECO team leader for St Mary’s.

More information about ECO Church is available at