Thanks from Rachel and Sam

Rachel Maternity Gifts 25 MarcOur curate Rev'd Rachel Prior starts her maternity leave on 1st April 2020, and she and Sam embark upon this new venture in their lives with our warmest good wishes and prayers and we await the good news in due course. Many have had the opportunity to sign the card to them in church and to contribute towards gifts which Rachel has now received. See the photo on the right.  We will miss you Rachel very much.

Rachel has put a note in this week's Grapevine to say "Through the appropriate social distancing measures (!) I have received your gifts. Thank you ever so much for your extraordinary generosity, as well as for your prayers and best wishes. Sam and I are really looking forward to welcoming the new addition to our family and we can’t wait to introduce our baby, which is due on 19th April, to their church family in due course."