Live Streaming of Services from St Mary’s Saffron Walden

LivestreamAndySt Mary’s now has the capability to stream services held in the church over the Internet using a 3-camera system was installed in the church in late August 2020.  The system allows a service to be followed closely and it is connected to the church sound system all of which gives a high quality output.  An explanation how the new video streaming works can be found, in a 5 minute video at
The system allows a service to be live-streamed to YouTube on the Internet, to be shared via Zoom, and the YouTube streamed service can be left on YouTube to be viewed later “on demand”.  All of these can be done at the same time and the service can also be separately recorded to a laptop.  
Those wishing to join a service remotely are given the following in our weekly bulletin

  • The YouTube link to watch the service live or later.  This will also be available on the church website on our Services in Church and Online page
  • The meeting details for joining on Zoom. 
Those attending on Zoom are able to
  • Hear and see the full service from the church
  • See and talk with others who are joining remotely
  • Join via a computer, tablet or smart ‘phone or join by telephone
They are not able to talk with those in the church during the service.

Those attending in the church a service which is being streamed should note the following:
  • A notice will be displayed at the west and south door stating that the service is being streamed to the internet;
  • The cameras will mainly focus on the clergy or worship leaders, wherever they are during the service, but on occasion, there will be views of the backs of some people in the congregation;
  • If you are attending a service and you do not want to appear in the video at all, please speak to the wardens or welcomers who will guide you to appropriate seats;
  • Readers and Intercessors should be prepared to be captured on video. If you have any concerns, you should contact our Parish Administrator;
  • If you are seated where a front view might be captured on camera you will be asked to give your permission to be on the video.  Permission for under-18s will be requested from their parents or guardians;
  • The distribution of communion will not be filmed - the camera will focus on the East window at that point;
  • We do not stream Family Services.

If you have any questions about any of this, please contact our Parish Administrator on 01799 506024 or by email at