Church Logos and Promotional Photos

Logos and photos that can be used in promotional material for St Mary’s Church Saffron Walden


3 versions of the logo are available in colours compatible with our website palette.

Check out the colour palette here.  Century Gothic  font is used in our logos.

1. If the logo is to be very small – probably best not to use the strapline version (Our mission statement ‘Sharing God’s Love’) and select a strong colour or the black and white version.

2. The logo is for St Mary’s Saffron Walden and so it would not be appropriate to use it when St James’ and St John’s are specifically included or for Saffron Walden and Villages Team Ministry publications.

3.  If you want to use a logo then right click on it and then copy and paste it into your document, and then resize.

4. The last logo in each section is white on a transparent background and so is not obvious on this page but can be copied and pasted as with the others.

5. If printing in bulk using the Riso machine in the parish office then the vertical logos with white writing on a dark background do not work well and a horizontal logo should be used.

If you are having difficulty in downloading these logos then please email for help

A. Vertical with strapline

SMLogo-Vert-Strap-1 SMLogo-Vert-Strap-2
SMLogo-Vert-Strap-3 SMLogo-Vert-Strap-4
SMLogo-Vert-Strap-5 SMLogo-Vert-Strap-6
SMLogo-Vert-Strap-7 SMLogo-Vert-Strap-8

A. Vertical without strapline

SMLogo-Vert-1 SMLogo-Vert-2
SMLogo-Vert-3 SMLogo-Vert-4
SMLogo-Vert-5 SMLogo-Vert-6
SMLogo-Vert-7 SMLogo-Vert-8

C. Horizontal with strapline

SMLogo-Horiz-Strap-2489x813-1 SMLogo-Horiz-Strap-2489x813-2
SMLogo-Horiz-Strap-2489x813-5 SMLogo-Horiz-Strap-2489x813-8

D. Horizontal without strapline

hoirzontal logo black no strap  

A Selection of Promotional Photos

Click on a photo to enlarge and then copy and paste.  More photos will be added in due course.

Low resolution photos

StMarysChurchSW-0251a-800 StMarysApril12a-800
StMarysSW-0892-crop-800 SMChurch-0908-crop-800

High resolution photos

StMarysChurchSW-0251a StMarysApril12a
StMarysSW-0892-crop SMChurch-0908-crop