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Sunday, 18th April 2021

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to another weekly email full of fun resources for you to use with your family. I hope this finds you well and that you had a great Easter!

For the next seven weeks, we will be focusing on the seven miraculous signs in John's Gospel. I hope you find the activities below useful as you explore the story of Jesus turning water into wine with your children.

I am pleased to announce that Aftershock will be back meeting face to face starting this Sunday 18th April at 7-8:30 pm in St Mary's Church.

Youth Bible Study will still be on Zoom for the time being. Login details may be obtained by emailing me.

Thanks, Matt

Turning Water Into Wine

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Water Into Wine


I wonder...

  • I wonder if you have ever been to a wedding?
  • I wonder what you enjoyed about the wedding?
  • I wonder what food and drink you had at the wedding?
  • I wonder how the bride and groom felt when they ran out of wine?
  • I wonder why Jesus performed this miracle?
  • I wonder why Mary told the servants to do what Jesus told them?
  • I wonder how you would have reacted to seeing this miracle?
  • I wonder how the bride and groom felt after Jesus performed this miracle?
  • I wonder how many people at the wedding knew that Jesus had done a miracle?

Question to ask your parents!

  • I wonder how you would have reacted to seeing this miracle?

Water into Wine Craft

Water into Wine

The first miracle in John's Gospel is when Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding. What an amazing thing to do for the couple who were getting married! I don't know if you have ever tried to turn water into something else like squash or a fizzy drink; unfortunately, it doesn't work. But with Jesus all things are possible. Just like at the wedding the party continues because of Jesus, He loves to celebrate and party with us and this is what Church is, a place where we can party because of what Jesus has done for us.

For our craft this week we are going to make one of the jars that Jesus told the servants to fill up and watch it turn from water into wine. Firstly you will need to print out the template below and colour in the jar and letters. On the circle template which looks like a poke ball, colour one half blue to represent the water and the other side a red or purple colour to represent the wine. Once you have coloured it in, carefully cut out the circle and the jar. Lastly, with a split pin, attach the jar to the circle.

Download template here


Youth Zone

In the Gospel of John, John writes about seven miracles, or signs, which he says point to Jesus’ divinity. When we think of Jesus’ miracles, we might imagine Jesus surrounded by people who are listening to his teaching and then suddenly someone who needs healing comes along, or the crowd needs feeding. This first sign is very different. Firstly, we find Jesus at a wedding with some of his disciples and his mother, Mary. Jewish weddings would have lasted for at least a week. It was a huge celebration of the new life of the married couple, often the whole town would have been invited and everyone would come. When Nic and I got married there was a lot of planning that went into it; where to have the reception, what food to serve, the wine, the guest list, the suits, and dresses, it required careful planning. Running out of wine in the Jewish culture would have been a humiliating prospect. The wedding would have been the talk of the town but for the wrong reasons and unfortunately this was the situation at the wedding at Cana.

Mary comes to Jesus and tells them there is a problem, not because she is wanting a miracle, but more so that she hoped Jesus could help to find some more wine. She knew that Jesus was more than her son, He was the Son of God, who had the power and authority to solve this dilemma. But the miracle only occurs when the problem was put to Jesus and then his instructions were followed. Too often we seek an answer to our problem from Google before God. If we have a problem our first thought is perhaps to Google it or ask Siri in the hope that they will know how to help. We need to have faith like Mary, who once she had heard about the problem, went straight to Jesus and asked for help. We can sometimes think we have it all under control and that our careful planning is flawless, but like Mary, we too should allow Jesus to deal with our problems as he sees them best.

Jesus doesn’t use any fancy words or actions, he just tells the servants to fill the jars with water. I’m sure the servants were thrilled to be asked to fill six jars that held about 30 gallons of water! But nonetheless they obeyed him and we should too when God asks us to act because when we obey, He moves and does the impossible. In many of Jesus' miracles He doesn’t do it by himself, He involves others in them too. Jesus tells the master of the banquet to try the wine and he is amazed at how beautiful it was. Some people say that following Jesus waters down life, that it is bland, boring, and irrelevant, but knowing and following Jesus is the complete opposite, He brings joy, excitement, fun, and life to the fullest. Just like the water into wine, He comes and takes the ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary. Jesus answered the need abundantly. He could have produced some cheap wine which would have done the job for one more glass each, but instead, he produced 120 gallons of the best wine known to man and plenty of it! Jesus wants to give us more and more life and joy!

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